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Sacred Earth Safaris - Scheduled Tours

Sacred Earth Safaris - Scheduled Tours

Sacred Earth Safaris are a small, locally owned and operated tour company, based in Darwin. They specialise in luxury small group Kakadu 4WD tours, Kimberley 4WD safaris and personalised private charters throughout the Northern Territory, Kakadu and the Kimberley.

Kakadu & Kimberley:

Kakadu National Park and the Kimberley are the last frontiers of Australia with ancient landscapes, spectacular waterfalls, pristine rock pools and magnificent gorges. Whatever your interests are - there's something for everyone! Fishing trips, Aboriginal rock art safaris and Aboriginal cultural tours, bird watching charters, swimming spots, an abundence of wildlife - it's all available!

Travelling in our luxury 4WD gives you the chance to "experience" the area and not just visit it, as we take you to remote locations, far from the crowds. With no more than 6 people on board, our small group tours leave plenty of room for flexibility and provide maximum comfort in the rugged outback.

Take one of our scheduled Kakadu tours and Kimberley safaris or let us design a private charter programme to suit you.

Scheduled Tours:

Their scheduled Kakadu 4WD safaris and Kimberley 4WD tours have been designed to give you the best experience possible and visit all the best spots! While our Kimberley camping safaris are comfortable, our Kakadu camping safaris or Kakadu accommodated tours give you the most comfortable experience in the tropical climate.

2 Day 4WD Kakadu Accommodated Safari
Maguk (Barramundi Gorge) Spend 2 days seeing the main sights of Kakadu, this tour is accommodated in the heart of Kakadu National Park. An option scenic flight can be incorporated into the itineray, on request and at own expense.
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5 Day Top End National Parks Camping Safari
Tolmer Falls A comprehensive tour of the three main parks of the Top End - Litchfield, Nitmiluk (Katherine Gorge) and Kakadu. 3 meals a day some highlights include Wangi, Florence & Tolmer falls in Litchfield National Park, Magnetic Termite Mounds, Katherine Gorge.
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11 Day Kimberley Camping Safari
Darwin - Broome or Broome - Darwin
Mitchell Falls A 11 day tour of the rugged Kimberley region, visiting the main sights, including the Bungle Bungles as well as lots of spots "off the beaten track". Highlights include El Questro & Chamberlain Gorge Cruise, Lake Argyle, Bell Gorge, Mitchell Plateau & Falls.
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Sacred Earth Safaris primarily operate Kakadu camping and accommodated tours and Kimberley camping safaris.

Their scheduled Top End tours stay in permanent camps or accommodation so you don’t even need to put up your tent- it’s already done for you ! All permanent camps have full bathroom facilities.

 If you charter them to take your family or group through Kakadu and the Top End, they can offer accommodation, permanent camps or mobile camps- where they carry their camping gear with them and you need to erect your own tent (instruction and assistance is provided). They always stay in designated campsites with full bathroom facilities unless they advise otherwise when designing a suggested itinerary, based on the information you’ve provided (some of the more remote locations have limited facilities). 

On their scheduled Kimberley adventure tours, they use mobile camps, so they carry all their camping equipment with them. This allows them to stay in some beautiful locations (some remote), and experience some amazing sunrises and sunsets, with a chance of wildlife viewing in some places. They stay in designated campgrounds that all have toilets and with showers most nights. On the nights that showers are not available, you can use their bush shower and swimming is often available. 

If you charter them to take your family or group through the Kimberley, they can offer mobile camping, accommodation or a combination of both.

Never been camping before? Not to worry- they make life as easy as possible for you. Their permanent camps are already set up. Their mobile camps are easily set up and their tents are quick and easy to erect, with full head room and camp beds with swags and linen for a good nights sleep! Your guide is always on hand to assist. All they ask of you is that you set your tent up and help collect firewood for the campfire (though helping to wash up is always appreciated by your guide !). By doing this, they maximise their time exploring the sights and it makes life more enjoyable for everyone on thetour. 

Camping certainly doesn’t mean you have to “rough it”- you’ll be surprised at the comfort level their camps will give you and their food is great !

There are different levels of accommodation in the Kimberley and the Northern Territory, from basic to luxury or station stays and we will design your itinerary to suit your budget and preferences.

Their tours cater for all ages and levels of fitness and can include as much or as little activity as you’d like! You don’t have to be super fit to enjoy the sights but some activities require a certain level of fitness. While they don’t want to be nosy, letting them know if you have any limitations or special needs will help them make sure you get the most from your trip and that they don’t take you somewhere unsuitable.

They can include all kinds of activities in your touring, wildlife cruises, helicopter flights, fishing and canoeing, amongst others. Special interests can also be catered for.

They use only the best equipment and have fully equipped, air-conditioned Toyota Landcruiser GXL's and Holden Suburban 4WD’swith heavy duty trailers, for comfortable travelling along the dirt roads. Every piece of equipment used on tour, from the individual filter coffee cups to our large, roomy tents, has beenselected by them to make life easier and to make your tour as comfortable as possible. They also carry reference material and books on board for your enjoyment.

Your tour leader has a senior first aid certificate, and safety equipment is always carried on board including a first aid kit and satellite phone for more remote areas. While their office is always the first point of contact and is available 24 hours, 7 days a week, they are happy to give you the satellite number to pass on to family for an emergency contact, and recommend that you also give them the details of a person to contact shouldthe need arise.

While you’re touring with them, your tour leader will prepare 3 meals a day for you you (except breakfast on day 1 and dinner on the last day) as well as providing some light snacks, including fruit. Iced water is always available in your tour vehicle. Meals are varied and plentiful , using good quality ingrediants (local, where possible) and offering as many fresh vegetables as possible, with consideration to the Outback conditions, especially in the Kimberley. Meals are cooked using the traditional styles of open fire and camp oven, where possible. Vegetarians and other dietary requirements (gluten free, vegan etc.) are catered for, as long as you let them know when you book.

Your guide will prepare and cook all the meals for you, though helping out with the washing up is always appreciated !

On accommodated private tours, it’s not always possible for them to cook, depending on where they stay. If they can’t provide all your meals, they’ll make sure there’s somewhere where meals can be purchased and you’ll be advised of meal arrangements before you book. 

Alcohol is not provided so you need to bring your own, if required and they’re happy to keep it chilled for you.They recommend purchasing alcohol before the start of your tour as it’s unavailable for take away in most places they visit.

What do you need to bring?

For all tours you will need to bring your personal items, swimwear, towel, toiletries, camera (with plenty of film and spare batteries), medication, sunglasses, wide brimmed hat, sunscreen, walking boots / sandals, water bottle (at least 1 L per person) and a small torch. It is a good idea to purchase alcohol before you begin your tour as buying en-route can be expensive with limited availability.

Other items may be required, depending on your destination and the time of year. For every tour they provide an information pack, which will be sent to you upon receipt of your deposit, with a packing list and copy of your itinerary. Maps are handed out on the morning of your tour departure.

Luggage is limited to a day pack per person and 10kg pp for 2 day tours, 15kg pp for 5 day tours and 20kg pp for Kimberley tours. Soft bags are preferable to suitcases if possible.